Planning a course and seminar

Spring term 2007, I’ll be teaching a graduate version of Gender and Technology where students will focus their energies planning and implementing an activism project.

And for winter term 2007, I’ll be co-teaching a seminar course for the Professional Science Master’s program. My portion will be to help students learn to use WordPress as a web site development tool.

And as usual, I’ll be teaching web development (CS 295 intermediate) and Gender and Technology (WS 320).


Technology for girls

I hesitated to google “technology for girls”. I didn’t want to admit that anything would be/should be different for girls. But I see it every day…a typical example is colorful phones; some with tea-cozy like costumes. I should have just typed in—it the idea came to me, then it’s already on the web. Anyway, the site is pink, clean and uncluttered, and friendly. It starts with, “My name is Hilary. I love technology but I know that some girls are not too confident. Most technology information seems to be directed primarily at men. The object of this website is to redress the balance; let us girls have our say!”

Bioengineering Undergraduate Student Seeks New Cancer Treatment

Working alongside OSU chemical engineering professor Christine Kelly, undergraduate bioengineering student and OSU Presidential Scholar Erin Rieke is seeking ways to treat cancer with microscopic nanoparticles that would keep healthy tissues from being exposed to the harmful effects of chemotherapy or radiation. Read more about Rieke’s research.

I added RAM today

You know that memory that allows you to open lots of applications at one time on a computer…the RAM? I swapped my second 256 chip for a 512 chip (not necessarily a smart purchase)…all by myself! I began to panic when I couldn’t get the chip in; took me 15 minutes of gently pushing to realize I had it in backwards. I didn’t break anything and it’s definately  helped run the Adobe suite.

In addition to adding more RAM, I removed all the music from my hard drive…a bit scary. Now Adobe apps have more hard drive to pull from when doing hard work.

Art Cars

Jenny Holzer painted a BMW V12 LMR in 1999. She is one of thousands around the world who make art of cars.

Holzer is a conceptual artist whose recent works primarily use text as art. She is one of several famous artists who’s painted on BMWs. See a list on the site.

I learned about art cars from a women who travels the USA in a motorhome when she’s not soaking in the rays in Baja. Her art car uses fiber optic light cables glued to the outside surface and makes liberal use of blacklight and flourescent paints on the inside. The women’s name has escaped me, but she travels to the Burning Man festival each year and takes her art car, like hundreds of others.

I’m working on an art car project for Jackson Street Youth Shelter in Corvallis, Oregon, to be raffled off in Oct. Keep up on details at my site.