What did Hypatia contribute to the field of mathematics?

Let’s see now how the literature pans out regarding her alleged contributions to mathematics…

Michael Dearkin, author of Hypatia and Her Mathematics, an article for the American Mathematical Monthly, writes:

“However, tentative attributions of material to Hypatia all tend to accept the overall assessment reached above—that her contributions to mathematical knowledge itself were slight or non-existent….We are left with a well attested account of a popular, charismatic and versatile teacher. And that, I suggest, is the best picture we can form of her.” (March 1994, Volume 101, Number 3, pp. 234–243.)

What are we to conclude about Hypatia’s contributions in general?

Culture Site: Hypatia Introduction | Technology at the Time | Trends | Astrolabe | Hydroscope | Mathematics | Conclusion | Bibliography


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