Cultural Research: Hypatia

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Note to readers: The intention of this online paper is to model the Culture Site online paper research and writing project, which focuses on an historical or modern female technologist from another country/culture. I intend to write about how women in that culture use(d) technology and offer my interpretations, comparisons, and conclusions of significant historical trends. I am citing the sources inline, in the bibliography, and by linking to the sources if they appear online. The writing appears in a multi-page web site (this blog) with menu items linking to each page (child pages). Visual material will be quick to download (each page under 20k) and include descriptive alternative text (alt tags) for students and peers who are listening rather than reading the paper. A description of this work is provided in a blog, along with lists of resources, key terms, potential interviewees, and trends to research. Please report all typos or inaccurate information to me.

Profile of Hypatia

Drawing of Hypatia holding an oversized astrolabe. Art purchased from

  • Location: Of Alexandria, Egypt
  • Born 370AD, died 406, 415, or 416AD
  • Occupation: Mathematician, philosopher, educator, inventor
  • End of Ptolemaic period, end of Roman Empire
  • Mentored by Father, Theon
  • Documents from her student, Synesius of Cyrene, Bishop of Ptolemais, survive for study.

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