Testing the WP proofreading tools

WP Proofreading Settings

WP Proofreading Settings

How well does the WordPress proofreader  work? I chose several options in the Users->Personal Settings area to check its worthiness.

I will attempt to type without correcting anything to see if I can get it to notify me of my errors. so far so good. my computer’s system is underlining misspellings but I want to see if it’ll catch other problems well nothing is happening yet how long do I wait for it to catch my missing periods and lower case is?

OK. when I publish, it asks me to Cancel so I can view the problems. The little green underlines for lower case I’s doesn’t show very well and it did not mark my incomplete sentences. Misspellings are underlined.

If I publish without fixing errors they disappear when I return to edit the post. Ugh.

The writing Helper does not provide any additional assistance as its name would imply.

However, when I click Publish after editing a second time, I am prompted to fix errors.

Each error has a popup with suggested corrections, which is convenient.

I’ve made some more corrections but it isn’t catching critical grammatical errors. It underlines phrases that demonstrate more advanced word usage and recommending more casual language, which I don’t recommend for college-level writing. It does underline passive voice areas, which is something I can work on.