Example spreadsheet screenshot

There are three main ways to get a spreadsheet into WordPress.

  1. Paste in text copied from a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Docs.
  2. Upload a .PDF file (which can be viewed when clicking on the link to the file).
  3. Saving a screenshot as .GIF (recommended), .PNG, or .JPG.

1. Paste into

This list was copied from Google Docs and pasted into WordPress.
  1. File->Download->HTML to view it without Google’s interface.
  2. I selected the part I wanted to pasted in, then copied.
  3. I pasted into WordPress.
  4. Then removed data from cells I did not want to show.
  5. Then I used Worpress to align each money cell to the right (money is always displayed right-aligned).
It doesn’t usually retain the formatting but ought to keep the columns and rows intact. If your spreadsheet is too wide for the text column, the I recommend trying option 2.
rent $48
credit card $10
transportation $16
hobbies $20
clothing $20
phone $20
food $30
entertainment $30
interest-loans $50
school $300
total $544

2. PDF Documents

This file displays an uploaded .PDF file. The spreadsheet was created in Google Docs and saved using File->Download->PDF…

Remember that .PDF files are not images, they are multi-page documents.

3. Image files

The image file below was first created in Google Docs then saved as a screenshot file:

  1. From Google Docs, I used the Grab tool on Mac with Command-Shift-4.
  2. The part I selected was automatically saved as a .PNG file, which works fine but it is usually too big for the web. This file is about 20k.
  3. So I opened it in Photoshop and “saved for the web” as a .GIF file so it is just 5k.
Spreadsheet screenshot example

Spreadsheet screenshot example saved as .GIF.