Testing how images appear when uploaded in WordPress 2.5

Famous poster art of Rosie the Riveter showing an example of the might American women used during World War II. Courtesy of US National Archives. Produced by Westinghouse for the War Production. Created by J. Howard Miller. Modifications © Jone Lewis 2001.This image was added to this WordPress post using the Add Media: Image icon listed on the Write->Post editing toolbar.

  1. Use the Upload button to add a file from your hard drive.
    • Or use the URL field to paste in a link to an image online somewhere else.
  2. Add a description and copyright statement to the Description field.
    • Note that when you edit this image later, the description will end up in the Caption field.
  3. Set the alignment if you want.
  4. Click the Insert into Post button to add the new image to your Post.

If you need to edit the image’s information, then:

  1. Click the Image icon on the toolbar.
  2. Or click the Manage->Media Library tab.
    • Click the title of the image in the list to switch to the image editing screen.

Note that when you add a Description in the Write-Post editing toolbar, the description contents end up in the caption field in the Mange->Media Library editing screen, becoming the alternative text attribute.

Irritations with WP 2.5

WordPress’ new image uploading functions have some great features, but no longer provide a sensible way to add citations and alt text to images.

  1. The contents of the title attribute do not popup when you roll over an image. Instead, the title field is used only in the Manage->Media Library list as a replacement for the file name.
  2. The alternative text field used to be called the description field and is now called the caption field. This caption is used for the visually impaired who are unable to see the image you have displayed.
  3. The description field is available to fill in, but does not seem to show up when viewing the image in a post. If you see it, let me know where it displays.

Editing these fields is now a pain. If you click on the image editing icon, you can only change the caption and not the title or description. You have to go back to the Manage->Media Library to make updates.

The bottom line is put your description and citation in the caption field.