Art Cars

Jenny Holzer painted a BMW V12 LMR in 1999. She is one of thousands around the world who make art of cars.

Holzer is a conceptual artist whose recent works primarily use text as art. She is one of several famous artists who’s painted on BMWs. See a list on the site.

I learned about art cars from a women who travels the USA in a motorhome when she’s not soaking in the rays in Baja. Her art car uses fiber optic light cables glued to the outside surface and makes liberal use of blacklight and flourescent paints on the inside. The women’s name has escaped me, but she travels to the Burning Man festival each year and takes her art car, like hundreds of others.

I’m working on an art car project for Jackson Street Youth Shelter in Corvallis, Oregon, to be raffled off in Oct. Keep up on details at my site.