How to Embed a Link Address in a Label

To improve readability and follow best web page formatting practices, embed link addresses in labels.

Before you learn how, click the Users menu while logged into WordPress. Scroll to the bottom of Your Profile to check the box labeled “Use the visual rich editor when writing.” Save your profile.

In WordPress 2.0+

  1. Copy the web address you want to embed from the address bar of your browser.
  2. While logged into WordPress, navigate to the Page or Post to be edited.
  3. Type the title of an article or web site in the Post editing box.
    • Select the title.
      • For my example web address, the title would be Women’s eNews.
    • Click the link icon on the toolbar right above the editing box.
      • Select title of link then click the link icon on the editing tool bar.
    • When a message box pops up, paste the address you copied into the address field.
    • And add a subtitle to help describe the link.
      • For example, the title of the link is Women’s eNews and the description is “News from around the world.”
    • Click Insert or Update.
  4. View the Preview.
  5. Save and Continue Editing, Save, or Publish the page/post.
  6. View the new page/post to ensure it looks the way you expect.
  7. Click on the link you made to be sure you pasted the correct address and it links to the site you wanted.

Bad example

Good example

Women’s eNews