How to Upload Files within WordPress 2.0

To upload a file to go with a Post or Page, do the following:

  1. Login to your WordPress account
    • Write a new Post or Page (or Edit an existing Post or Page).
  2. Scroll down below the text box to see the Upload functions.
    • Click Upload.
  3. Choose a size and format for the new file.
    • If you uploaded a large image then choose Thumbnail and File.
    • If you uploaded a small image or a medium-sized image that fits within the column then choose Full Size and None.
    • Screenshot from dashboard. Open source using gpl license. View larger screenshot of the Send to Editor choices.
      • Note that the Send to Editor button is often hidden below the scroll box.
    • If you uploaded a document that is not an image, choose Title and File.
      • Be sure you’ve uploaded a web document such as a .pdf NOT a .doc, .xls, or .ppt file as these are not web formats.
  4. Choose Send to Editor.
    • This means WordPress will add the necessary code to your Post so that the image (or a link to the file you uploaded) will show up.
    • If you don’t like the location of image then select the image by clicking on it.
    • Drag it to the location you want, OR cut and paste it where you want it.
    • Then click the image icon on the toolbar.
      • The toolbar does not show up in Safari Browsers but will in others if you’ve selected the visual editor in Users->Profile tab.
      • Choose Right or Left alignment to have text float around it.
      • Update the description as needed.
      • Screenshot from the Upload tab in, the open source blog. Copywrite via gpl license. View a larger version of the image icon screenshot.