How to Define Pages and Subpages in WordPress

When you submit a project for this course, you’ll want to write the project report in a Page of your blog. If you choose to use WordPress to deliver your Culture Site, then you’ll want to create a Page and SubPages for each page of the site.

These Pages are separate from Posts and Links, which you’ll also use to note progress and store resources for the projects. Pages are always listed in the menu and are not “archived” like news posts.

For example, I have created pages and subpages for each page of the sample Culture Site called Hypatia, a Wild Goose Chase, which is in-progress.

To Write Pages and Subpages…

  1. Login to your blog.
  2. Click Write on the main menu.
  3. Click Write Page on the submenu.
  4. On the menu at the right, you’ll see a list of options. Click the + next to the Page Parent option.
  5. Choose Main Page (no parent).
  6. Now type the title of this page; something like Culture Site Introduction or be more specific and use the actual title, for example: Hypatia, a Wild Goose Chase.
  7. Type some placeholder text in the post box for now. You’ll replace it with your final text later. Click Create New Page.
  8. Write Page for each subpage, but choose Culture Site from the Parent Page instead of Main Page. Add a title and placeholder text. Click Create New Page.
  9. Now view your site. Click on each page and subpage to see if all your pages are viewable.
  10. You may want to click Manage Pages to modify the order (though in most cases the order is alphabetical regardless of the order you type in the right menu.

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