How to Categorize Posts and Bookmarks in WordPress

As required by this course, you will type your challenges, solutions, ideas, great finds, news, and preliminary project work in WordPress Posts, essentially keeping a diary or log of your progress.

To organize the many Posts you will make during the term, you will define Categories for each project. Assign these categories when Posting or defining a Bookmark.

For example, I like to paint, so I have a blog about my work at I set up categories for each type of subject/media/support: Boxes, Landscapes, Portraits, Murals, and Signs. When I post a description and picture of a new landscape, I choose the “Landscapes” catageory. If a reader just wants to see landscapes, they can click on the Landscapes category to see only landscape news posts.

Categories tab is openCategories tab is closed.
To define Categories for Posts and/or Bookmarks…

  1. Login to your blog.
  2. Click Manage on the main menu.
    • Click Categories on the submenu.
    • Notice that there is already a category defined called Uncategorized. Rename this category something like Set Up.
    • Add a category called Culture Site
    • Add a category for the rest of your projects: teach, financial analysis, and art.
    • Click the Save button.
  3. Click Manage again.
    • Click Posts.
    • View each post’s category to see if you need to update the posts’ categories’.
      • Click Edit on one that needs updating.
  4. Click the + symbol next to the Categories menu item on the right vertical menu.
    • Select and deselect category boxes as needed for this post.
  5. Follow this process for each post that needs updating.
  6. Define new categories while either in the Post or Bookmark area by using the Add field.
  7. Now view your site.
    • Click on a category in the main menu. Do you see all posts related to that category?

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