How to Categorize Bookmarks in WordPress

As required by the Culture Site project, you will add resources you've found to your Blog, via the Bookmarks (formerly Links) functions in WordPress. Keeping track of resources for research is important; you'll want to refer to them often as you write. And if you end up with 50 resources, categorizing them will allow you to find them much faster.

For example, I'm traveling the USA and need to refer to location information several times while I plan the next week's itinerary. Notice in that I've added a category for each state. (Not all states are represented yet because I have not posts for all of them yet.)

To define Categories for Bookmarks…

  1. Login to your blog.
  2. Click Bookmarks on the main menu.
  3. Click Boomkark Categories on the submenu.
  4. Notice that there is already a category defined called Blogroll. Rename this category something like Set Up. These links can be used for help with WordPress itself.
  5. Add a category called Culture Site (you may have to scroll down).
  6. Add a category for the rest of your projects: database, teach, financial analysis, art.
  7. Now click Add Bookmark.
  8. Paste in the address of the resource you want to store here. usually it's a link. If you have a book with no web page address, then just type "http". Or find the publisher's website and page about this book and copy that address and paste it into the URL field.
  9. Give the link a name and description, and choose a category from the drop down list. Click Add Bookmark.
  10. Now view your site. You'll see the link listed under the new category in the side menu. When you add other links in other categories, those new categories will show, too.

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