You saw it here first ~ computer pants!

I hearby copyright the idea below. I’d like to patent it as well.

Do you ever want to get rid of your pda, wallet, keys, phone, and other electronics weighing down your purse and pockets, and not haul around that laptop on your back or briefcase? Or how about more space on your desk; perhaps you’d like a smaller computer?

My solution is to wear my computer in my pants. (Stay tuned for a sketch.)

If you stand or sit, these pants will allow you to type; one hand on each thigh, with mini screens just above the kneecaps. The fabric and keyboard is thin and flexible and the monitor is visible in bright day light. All components are built right into the fabric. The sun powers the pants and when it’s cloudy, the movement or body heat you provide powers the pants.

If the dog jumps on your lap, he can’t hurt the keys or monitor, as they are scratch resistant. Save often so the mutt doesn’t accidentaly delete what you’re working on.

Need to check the bus schedule? Internet access is always available with the wi-max connection built in. If you’re out hiking and get lost, the built-in GPS system will help you get back to camp.

The baby bouncing on your knee will be happy listening to all the goofy lullabies you never can remember; just push the music player buttons and choose baby songs from your playlist.

Need to find out if you son has returned from skiinng? Open up a chat line or call him, without putting another device to your ear; just slap your thigh three times (speed dial) and get him online.

The synthesizer edition of the computer pants allows you to tap, slap, and pound away on your thighs creating music on the go. With a few keystrokes, you can record that new song and ftp it to the download area of your website.

Eleksen makes a fabric keyboard; it won’t be long now.

Smart fabrics hit the catwalk

By Mark Ward
Technology correspondent, BBC News website, San Diego

As well as showcasing computer graphics, the Siggraph exhibition has also hosted a fashion show featuring garments augmented by technology.